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5 Star Africa Resorts presents luxury resorts, all-inclusive resorts, and vacation rentals that include safaris and day excursions, spa treatments, fitness facilities, and other amenities.

Endless possibilities await our guests at these great resorts.
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A world away from the savannahs, the highlands, bustling Nairobi and the familiar National Geographic images of Kenya, you will find an unexpected tropical beach paradise near the old port city of Mombasa; The Royal Reserve Safari and Beach Club. This African style luxury resort is set amongst coconut palm groves on the white sandy beach at Ki

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Latest Travel News from CNN - RSS Channel - App Travel Section

06/24/2019 04:29 AM
A Paris hotel like no other
Domaine de Chantilly is home to one of France's lesser known châteaux. When you're visiting Paris, it makes a great alternative to tourist-burdened Versailles.

06/22/2019 05:39 PM
Thailand's controversial airport beach
It's 9:55 a.m. and all's quiet on Phuket's Mai Khao Beach.

06/21/2019 09:04 AM
'Extinct' creatures found alive in rainforest
Deep in the lush greenery of the Mosquitia rainforest in Honduras, bordered by steep ridges, lies an archeological site home to ancient ruins and an apparently thriving ecosystem.

06/18/2019 07:35 PM
What's it like to walk the entire length of China's Great Wall?
On a warm spring morning in 1984, Dong Yao-hui and his two young friends, Wu De-yu and Zhang Yuan-hua, pulled on military surplus backpacks and boots and set out on a hike along a stretch of the Great Wall of China.

06/19/2019 07:15 AM
Disney World increases price of annual passes
Walt Disney World Resort has significantly increased the cost of its annual park passes, just ahead of the August 29 opening of the new Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios park.

06/19/2019 06:49 AM
Climbers arrested after landing plane on Mont Blanc
Conquering Western Europe's highest peak is an ambition shared by many climbers, but one Mont Blanc summit attempt cut some serious corners en route to the top.

06/20/2019 07:12 AM
The 'Lost City' older than Machu Picchu
Hidden deep in the jungle of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains in Colombia sits Ciudad Perdida, the "Lost City." Built by the Tairona people more than 1,000 years ago, the archaeological site only became an attraction after it was uncovered in the 1970s.

06/20/2019 01:20 PM
Quiet supersonic passenger airplane unveiled
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics has revealed plans for its Quiet Supersonic Technology Airliner, or QSTA, that will leverage its joints research with NASA to create a passenger airplane capable of Mach 1.8.

06/21/2019 03:16 AM
Boat or plane? Legacy of the Caspian Sea Monster
In the late 1960s, decades deep into the Cold War, US intelligence analysts monitoring the Caspian Sea came across satellite images of an oddly shaped, winged machine of huge proportions.

06/20/2019 03:17 PM
Easter Island 'nose picking' trend prompts concerns
Easter Island has long been a bucket list destination for travelers from around the world.

Latest Travel News from USA Today

GANNETT Syndication Service

06/26/2019 07:49 AM
Virginia cardiologist shot and killed while on vacation in Belize
Gary Swank, a 53-year-old cardiologist from Roanoke, was killed while on vacation with his family in Belize.

06/26/2019 07:49 AM
Millions of people are traveling to New York for WorldPride. Why are some opting to skip?
WorldPride, the annual LGBTQ celebration, is in New York this year — and LGBTQ people of all stripes are making the global trek.

06/26/2019 07:49 AM
Got a question or gripe about your Delta flight? Soon, you'll be able to 'text' for help
The airline is testing an option for travelers to reach out via text message with flight questions or concerns.

06/26/2019 07:48 AM
'The Amazing Race' cast and crew share summer travel tips: Put down your phone, push yourself
"The Amazing Race" host Phil Keoghan, contestant and YouTuber Tyler Oakley and co-creator Bertram van Munster share tips for summer travel.

06/26/2019 07:48 AM
Frontier Airlines growing again: 9 new nonstop routes, including Las Vegas flights, $29 intro fares
The Denver-based discount airline is expanding heavily in Las Vegas, with new flights from Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland and other cities.

06/26/2019 07:15 AM
The world's best destinations revealed
These are the world's best vacation destinations, according to a ranking by U.S. News & World Report.

06/26/2019 07:11 AM
Germany, France impose restrictions on cars amid heatwave; will it affect your trip?
Germany has imposed speed limits on the Autobahn in the eastern part of the country to prevent heat damage while Paris has banned older cars.

06/26/2019 06:10 AM
'Big Bang Theory' fans can visit the show's iconic sets in new Warner Bros. studio tour
"Big Bang Theory" may be over, but fans will soon be able to recreate their favorite moments from the show, thanks to a new Warner Bros. studio tour.

06/26/2019 05:38 AM
New Jersey couple reported missing in Barbados after renting jet ski Monday
New Jersey residents Oscar Suarez, 32, and Magdalena Devil, 25, haven't been seen since renting a jet ski in Barbados on Monday.

06/26/2019 05:24 AM
The first cookie ever baked in space comes courtesy of this hotel chain
You can celebrate with a free cookie of your own on August 4.

Top Of USA Today Section


USATODAY - Today In the Sky

06/19/2017 08:04 PM
Allegiant : 28 new routes, 3 new cities part of its biggest expansion ever
Allegiant bills news as “largest-ever announcement of new service in the company’s history.”

06/18/2017 08:52 PM
Weather delays: Monday turned out to be a terrible day to fly
Air travelers faced major headaches Monday afternoon as a long line thunderstorms blocked flight paths from New England to the Gulf Coast. 

06/20/2017 03:48 AM
Qatar Airways CEO warns of 'lasting wound' from 'blockade'
CEO: Fliers are returning and again using Qatar as aviation hub after initial hit to business.

06/18/2017 07:03 PM
Paris Air Show day 1: A bigger 737, huge Airbus order and the president
See all the stories that made news from the opening day of the Paris Air Show.

06/19/2017 02:59 AM
Boeing unveils a bigger 737 in fight against Airbus
Boeing's plans for 'stretched' version of its 737 Max aircraft came at the Paris Air Show.

06/19/2017 12:24 AM
Paris Air Show 2017: Airbus lands first big deal on Monday
Airbus has clinched a deal for 100 single-aisle A320neo planes in its first big move at the show.

06/19/2017 12:36 AM
Paris Air Show: What to look for in 2017
Boeing-Airbus rivalry will again be huge, but there are other interesting story lines.

06/15/2017 06:37 PM
New era of budget travel? Norwegian begins Boeing 737 flights to Europe
Discount airline will be flying 12 Boeing 737 routes to Europe from small U.S. airports by fall.

06/16/2017 05:12 AM
Name that airport ... (Bangkok Suvarnabhumi)
UPDATE: The photo in this week's "name that airport" post is of Thailand's Suvarnabhumi Airport near Bangkok. 

06/16/2017 12:00 AM
Spirit Airlines adds new routes from Pittsburgh, Hartford
The budget carrier is growing at two of its newest cities with more flights to Florida.

Top Of USA Today Section


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06/24/2019 11:28 AM
The best travel credit cards of 2019
The best travel credit cards can offer rewards, points, and cash back whether you're flying, driving, or even just taking a staycation.

06/24/2019 07:51 AM
The best credit cards of 2019
The best credit cards offer points and perks that add value before you even make a purchase. Here's how to get the best deal for you.

06/21/2019 06:57 AM
First look and how to book: Taco Bell's pop-up hotel is themed to the extreme
Reservations open June 27 for the pop-up hotel experience in Palm Springs, California.

06/21/2019 06:47 AM
The best pools in the Caribbean, 2019 edition
When you're not looking for fun in the sand, try one of these Caribbean resort pools.

06/20/2019 05:41 PM
The 10 best credit cards for sports fans
Whether you're a season ticket holder or just cheering from the couch, these credit cards can help you support your favorite teams.

06/20/2019 11:15 AM
9 remote resorts in Thailand: Luxurious seclusion for when you want to get lost
Some vacations are all about luxuriating in a secluded, peaceful landscape. These nine remote resorts in Thailand await.

06/20/2019 11:12 AM
9 secluded resorts in Thailand
Far from Phuket’s frenetic nightlife and Bangkok’s bustling streets, these nine remote resorts in Thailand await the next time you need a total reset.

06/17/2019 11:28 AM
The best credit cards for cruises of 2019
The right credit cards can help you save on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Disney Cruises, or trips aboard any kind of vessel.

06/17/2019 09:44 AM
Wake up and work out: Hotels increasingly offer in-room fitness amenities
Forget the hotel gym: Many chains are incorporating workout gear right in guest rooms, including stationary bikes, yoga mats and resistance bands.

06/17/2019 09:43 AM
The best business credit cards of 2019
Starting a company? Whether it's a small business or a venture-backed startup, these credit cards can help your enterprise's bottom line.

Top Of USA Today Section


GANNETT Syndication Service

06/26/2019 07:49 AM
Millions of people are traveling to New York for WorldPride. Why are some opting to skip?
WorldPride, the annual LGBTQ celebration, is in New York this year — and LGBTQ people of all stripes are making the global trek.

06/26/2019 07:48 AM
'The Amazing Race' cast and crew share summer travel tips: Put down your phone, push yourself
"The Amazing Race" host Phil Keoghan, contestant and YouTuber Tyler Oakley and co-creator Bertram van Munster share tips for summer travel.

06/26/2019 06:41 AM
Here's how to fulfill your cheesesteak craving like a local

06/26/2019 06:40 AM
These vessels were used to cross the Pacific

06/26/2019 06:38 AM
Pathways to the past

06/26/2019 04:45 AM
10 great ancient ruins that track the heavens, from Woodhenge to Chichen Itza
Researchers and travelers are paying more attention to archaeoastronomy sites, which operate like giant calendars to note the passing seasons.

06/25/2019 04:29 PM
10 ancient ruins that track the calendar and the heavens
Researchers and travelers are paying more attention to archaeoastronomy sites, which operate like giant calendars to note the passing seasons.

06/25/2019 07:20 AM
Geothermal baths and beyond: Rick Steves' guide to Iceland's steamiest sites
Iceland was steamy long before Jon Snow and Ygritte found their love cave in "Game of Thrones." Rick Steves takes you on a tour of geothermal sites.

06/25/2019 06:47 AM
The 30 best places in the world to visit, according to U.S. News & World Report
Check out the beautiful destinations that made the U.S. News and World Report's list of world's best places to visit for 2019.

06/25/2019 06:16 AM
Best day trips from London, Paris, Boston, San Francisco, Dublin, Cape Town
From Reykjavik to Tokyo, these cities give you lots of bang for your travel buck, with lots of options waiting just outside of town.

Top Of USA Today Section


Latest Travel News from the New York Times

NYT > Travel

06/26/2019 03:06 AM
Enslaved People Lived Here. These Museums Want You to Know.
Tours of historic houses in the South used to focus on the fine furniture and design. Now, some are talking about who built them.
06/25/2019 11:23 AM
A Year in Paris That Transformed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
As a college student, Jacqueline Bouvier spent her junior year in Paris, and the city became one of the greatest influences in her life.
06/25/2019 02:00 AM
Nantucket for Cheapskates
It’s pricey. Here are a few workarounds to enjoy the island’s built-in bounties at minimal cost.
06/21/2019 03:59 PM
Savoring Lisbon’s Local Tastes on a Budget
Traditional restaurants known as tascas specialize in Portuguese comfort food at comfortable prices.
06/26/2019 02:00 AM
Where to Celebrate the 4th, if You Love Fireworks but Hate Crowds
Powerful pyrotechnic displays aren’t only found in major cities. Here are eight small towns which celebrate big.
06/25/2019 01:11 PM
Airbnb Enters the ‘Luxe’ Market
French castle, anyone? A new rental tier expands Airbnb’s accommodation options to include 2,000 high-end homes and villas.
06/20/2019 08:31 PM
36 Hours of New York City Pride
This year’s host of WorldPride offers a calendar packed with activities. So dive right in, but don’t skip some of the lower-key options (and save room for Frito pie).
06/18/2019 08:22 AM
In a Gray City, Some See a Blank Canvas
The 52 Places Traveler takes the midnight train to Aberdeen and finds an underappreciated city that’s quietly exploding with creativity.
06/20/2019 08:15 PM
In the Hudson Valley, a Drive Back in Time
One of the most beautiful parts of New York State was once the spine of the Dutch colony, and remnants of its history are everywhere, hiding in plain sight.
06/26/2019 07:08 AM
A Right Whale Grandmother Dies
It was the second North Atlantic right whale to die in the Gulf of St. Lawrence recently, dealing another setback to the endangered population.
06/26/2019 06:31 AM
House Hunting in … United Arab Emirates
In Dubai, a flurry of new development is rising to meet demand and stabilizing a volatile market.
06/26/2019 08:23 AM
A Different Look at Historic Homes of the South
Tours in places like Savannah, Ga., and Charleston, S.C., used to concentrate on the wealthy owners of houses, now they are bringing the enslaved people who also lived in them into focus.
06/26/2019 02:00 AM
A Comprehensive Guide to Taking Your Smartphone Abroad for Cheap
For $15 to $40, you can easily bring your phone to a foreign country and enjoy access to apps, maps and the web. But it takes a lot of steps, hence this travel guide.
06/25/2019 08:59 PM
Photos: WorldPride Begins in New York
New York City is hosting this year’s WorldPride celebration and commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion. From parades to drag shows, here are scenes from the week.
06/25/2019 10:54 AM
Mirazur, in France, Tops World’s 50 Best Restaurants List
The highest-ranking American restaurant this year is Cosme, in New York.

Top Of New York Times Section


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